An argumentative essay is a kind of academic paper which college and university students usually come across. They are given more essay writing assignments and research papers to be written in the form of argumentative essay. The purpose served by argumentative essay is developing technical and analytical writing skills in the students which give them more practical exposure.

To write the argumentative essay, it is important to know how it is written and why. When a topic is selected for writing an argumentative essay, it is assumed that the student will debate on the topic by producing arguments in favor or against. Moreover, the discussion in not based on mere opinions, it requires proper evidences, real facts and substantiation of the arguments. Besides gathering evidences, the author also has a task to pursue the reader and make him/her agree with author’s point of view.

Argumentative essays are given in college and university assignments so that the students develop a habit of finding factual data, interpreting it in a correct way and forming correct decision on its basis. This habit is useful when the student enters the professional life, and therefore, at colleges and universities, students are taught to prepare for it.

Writing argumentative essay has a special format in which the paragraphs and sentence go in coherence. The logical sequence of the facts is also compulsory to consider while writing argumentative essay. Other requirements of writing, like citation and format, are also necessary, but what constitutes a well written argumentative essay is the content and sequence of arguments.

Many students face difficulty in writing argumentative essay because they are unaware of its purpose. Either they write it in a simple, descriptive way, or do not concentrate on the logical sequence of the key points of the argument. The students therefore usually ask for the guidance and help for doing their argumentative essay. For all those students who want their argumentative essay on any topic to be done in a unique and professional way, EssayLive is the right place for them.

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Writing Argumentative Essay