A comparative essay aims to compare two or more objects belonging to same genre or type, or of similar use. Students are given to write comparative essay so that they can pick the rights topic and rights objects to compare and bring arguments in comparison. Students are evaluated at these points and are graded according to the work done by them. The comparative essay may seem easy; however, they are very challenging.

Writing comparative essay is something which usually students like to do in their academic paper writing. They think that writing comparative essay would be easier that other essays because they just have to pick out come point for comparison and write the essay quickly. However, reality is different than this. Teachers evaluate the work on the basis of structure of the essay which the students have developed in their essay, the format and the points which they have discussed. The most challenging task to do is to pick out the points which should be discussed in the essay.

A good way of writing comparative essay is to:

Select a topic for comparison belonging to same genre, for example two types of hybrid vehicles, two types of heart diseases, two types of motivational theories etc.

Gather the material on the topics from different print and electronic media. Read the information and highlight the important points of similarities and dissimilarities which you find suitable to discuss in the essay. Make sure the points you select are backed by authentic evidences in order to impress the reader.

Develop a structure of the essay in the form of introduction, main body paragraphs and conclusion. Start writing a draft of the essay from the data you have gathered. Introduce the topic in the first paragraph and take the reader’s attention towards the theme of the essay, that is, the comparison, through the thesis statement. In the main body paragraphs, discuss one point in each paragraph and keep your sentences focused and coherent. Conclude the essay by giving a brief summary of the essay and restating the thesis.

After writing the draft give yourself some time and read it afterwards. There would be certainly some grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors which you would want to change. Make the amendments and rewrite the essay as a final paper in a proper format with citation.

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Writing Comparative Essay
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