Essays which are commonly given in assignments are the expository essays. These kinds of essays are written merely after observation of a certain topic. These kinds of essays do not require opinions, arguments or recommendations, rather, are straightforward observation about the topic and analysis thereon. It may seem easier initially to write expository essay, however, it is a critical task to be done with due care.

Students usually do not know the main theme of writing expository essay. They take the essay as a simple descriptive one and write the content in a haphazard way giving their own logics and opinions over it. Writing expository essay needs proper research of facts and data about the topic. The more the content is available the more well-written will be the essay. It does not mean that the student writes all the information gathered about the topic in a haphazard way with no logical thesis statement and coherence in the essay, rather, it is important to first read the data and make a list of key points and their sequence for the essay.

The tone that is used in the expository essay is of second person. It is a formal kind of essay which is written for the purpose of analysis of the topic. Moreover, the sequence of the key points and structure of the essay should be planned prior to writing the essay so that there are less chances of error in the essay.

Writing expository essay is a time consuming task. The time is not just needed for writing the essay but also for the information gathering and sorting of that information in a proper sequential manner. A detailed analysis and its interpretation in the original context is what the student has to keep in mind while reading the information gathered on the topic.

Writing the essay is the final task. While writing, student must keep in mind the citation style and format instructed by the teacher. A revision is a compulsion if good grades are desired. Revision enables the student to make sure there is no writing or format errors in the essay.

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Writing Expository Essay
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