Many students who do not like essay writing enjoy writing narrative essay because it is a kind of essay which is not typically formal. It is written in the form of a narration which is more like a story but not a story. Story writing is different than writing a narrative essay. This form of essay is written in a structured way using first person tone and imaginative techniques.

 For writing narrative essay, students must be careful in designing its structure, use of vocabulary and theme of the topic. The main task is to select an appropriate topic for the narrative essay which can be a past experience, an event of the history, an experiment or research conducted by the student, a lesson learned or an analysis of a personality. Whichever topic the student chooses, he/she must develop a thesis statement which will be the focal point of the whole narrative essay.

One of the important tasks for writing narrative essay is to gather information on the topic if it is on an external source, and if it is the experience of the student, he/she must give a proper time in review of the event and the activities which took place during that event. Moreover, the sequence of the events is also important to consider, because a narrative essay has to be in coherence from start till the end.

It is not necessary to write everything that is known about the topic in the essay. A list should be made on the key events which are worth discussion. It is important to keep the narration in focus; a diversion from the topic may result in haphazardly written essay which the reader will cease to read further. Therefore, it is always a good habit to write the essay as a draft in the beginning. After writing the draft, the revision will help make amendments in the essay and bring coherence in the sentences of each paragraph.

Writing narrative essay in no doubt interesting, but it is also a technical task to do. The student must use the vocabulary which takes the reader into imagination because the purpose of the narrative essay is to make the reader experience what has been written in the essay.

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Writing Narrative Essay
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