Research Essay, as the name describes, is based on a research by the student. This kind of essay requires a complete plan from selection of a topic till the completion. Students at colleges and universities face difficulties in writing research essay because of lack of proper planning and punctuality. Moreover, unlike other kinds of essays, writing research essay is a technical tasks which is divided in subheadings or components which should be written as per the standards required by the instructor.

This article is aimed to guide the students for writing research essay by making a planner in the beginning. It is always good to follow a schedule in paper writing assignments so that there is no chance of delay and loss of grades.

When you are assigned a research topic, make a plan of the tasks to do. Make sure your end date in the planer should be at least 4 days before the final submission date. If you are not assigned a topic by your instructor, selecting a topic will again be a challenging task to do.

Select a topic of your interest. Keep in view your resources, your knowledge about the topic and the sources from where you would be able to gather information on the topic. A good way is to visit the library and pick out some research essays previously written on the field of your choice. This will help you find one for your research essay.

Search for the information related to the topic you have selected through different print and electronic media. Read the information and make points of the important information you find appropriate for your essay. Write the literature review which would benefit in the end.

Select a research methodology and perform your experiment or research. Analyze the result, and if required, use the software like SPSS to give your result a numerical form. Write the methodology, result and its interpretation.

After doing all above, write the abstract and introduction of the research describing your intention of the research, the methodology and results that you achieved. Attach the literature review and other content that you have already written and make a conclusion to it. Revise the paper, check for any errors in writing, citation or format, amend your paper and provide references in the end.

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Writing Research Essay
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