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Most of us get frustrated when our spam folder is filled with junk emails. How do spammers get our email address? We submit our email addresses on various unreliable websites which do not have proper spam protecting mechanisms.  Hence, hackers and spammers can easily extract details from these websites. Thus, keep a check on the websites you are visiting.  In addition to that, do not submit your details on any web server.  When your email address is present on a server, it is accessible by a lot of unknown people and the information can be misused.

As the owner of the email address, you can restrict the list of people who can email you.  If junk emails are coming from a particular address, it has to be blocked.  You can receive emails from selected people only. This is one of the best ways to protect your email from spams.

Usually, we complain that our email address has been hacked. This problem results due to our own fault. If the password is changed frequently, it cannot be hacked very easily. Apart from that, a password has to be selected carefully. Do not use your name or date of birth as the password as hackers guess them initially. It is good to use special characters in the password as it enhances the security levels.

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Essay: What are the best ways of protecting your email address
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