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These days, people are combating violence in every area of their life. Children tolerate violent behavior when kids older to them bully them. Similarly, the common man is subjected to violence when burglars try to rob his house. However, media related violence is spoiling the younger generation and increasing the aggression level in them. These days, video games and cartoons are full of violence. Children take them as reality and copy them. According to various researches, the concentration span of kids is spoilt when they play these games more often.

This does not mean that media violence is being witnessed for the first time in the present era. Movies, television commercials and games launched in the past portrayed a deep essence of violence factor.  Even black and white movies showed the hero killing the villain by piercing a knife in his stomach or perforating his body with bullets. Hence, media has always been connected to violence.

How can you stop your children from viewing violence on the television or computer?  Most television service providers offer the viewer discretion option. You can activate this option and a stop will be placed automatically on violent scenes. The same practice can be implemented internet viewing by changing the settings of the browser. With the passage of time, life is moving at a faster rate and the level of media violence is increasing as well.

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Essay: Why is media connected to violence
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