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The image of educational institutions is constructed by students. If children are involved in violent activities, the image of the institution will not be impressive. If you are the principal of an educational institution and you are witnessing violence, how will you control the situation? Applying strictness may not always be the best method. These days, children revolt against everything which is against their wishes. Thus, an alternate system has to be used. For instance, if you witness violence, glance at the extracurricular activities of your institution. You can introduce sports and other physical activities to reduce violence. These activities involve children in such a way that their aggression is released and they do not perform negative tasks.

Why do people get attracted towards violence? The main reason is that one feels stronger and more powerful. A man shooting ten people may seem like a very heroic figure and a lot of people would want to be like him. Violence harms the career vision of every individual.  It does not have any positive effects. Children who get violent in the early ages have an intolerable temperament when they grow up. Thus, it is important to monitor them when they are young and groom them in the right way.  Children get involved in violent tasks so that they can look different and get more attention than others.

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Essay: Controlling violence in schools and colleges
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