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Violence has many degrees. For example, punching someone may be the minimum degree and murdering a person will be the maximum degree. The damages of violence vary according to the extent as well.  If you punch someone, you may be sentenced for a few days in prison. On the other hand, if you are involved in a murder, you will get life imprisonment and your life will come to an end.  Controlling your temperament is the best way to avoid these problems.  Apart from external damages, there are various internal damages as well.  Violence weakens the personality of a human being and reduces the capability to combat tensions.

According to the famous Indian ruler Gandhi, violence weakens the capability of an individual to fight and achieve the goals of life. One of the most common forms of violence is domestic violence.  The newspapers are filled everyday with incidents of husbands beating up their wives.  If you are facing such problems, you should attain legal help immediately.

Beating someone does not mean that a person is strong. Instead, it shows how weak he is. Most countries have very strict laws for domestic violence. The guilty ones have to face a lawsuit as soon as the case is reported. Apart from the government, a lot of private organizations are making efforts to tackle violence related issues.

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Essay: Getting awareness about the real damages of violence
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