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Would you consume a product if it does not fulfill your quality needs? Most of us would give no for an answer. Companies usually lose customers because on price and not quality to stay strong in the competition. This strategy does not work because customers seek high standard products. Hence quality needs to be maintained.

Several new companies launch their products at regular intervals but some of them are forced to close down. Why is that so? This is because they do not have any mechanism for quality management. The equipment and machinery is not replaced. The labor is not experienced enough to handle the product development cycles. All these issues contribute to low standard products.

Quality management is not a support department. It is one of the key functions of any company. A proper team works so that the product reaches the customer according to the required satisfaction scale. When it comes to edible products, maintaining quality is an important step.  Even a small mistake can create huge complications for the consumer. Hence, food product companies have to get every product approved by the central quality control body before launching it in the market. Apart from food products, quality management is highly important for all other consumables including steel, glass, cement, computer accessories, garments and all the common consumables.

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Essay: Understanding the need and advantages of quality management
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