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A good manager is one who can finish all his tasks on time without ignoring anything. We can take the example of a human resource manager to get a proper understanding.  What is the job of a human resource manager? He has to monitor the tasks and performances of a group of people.  If his team underperforms, his individual performance would be termed as bad due to lack of management skills. A manger has to use his resources in such a manner that they achieve the desired goals.

A human resource manager will use his staff to maintain the payroll, recruit the necessary resources, preparation of employee letters and various other tasks. All these activities have fixed timelines. For example if the payroll of the company is not processed before the end of the month, the employees would not their salaries. Thus, the manager has to check and ensure that his subordinates complete these activities on time.

The management of people can be tough if you have employees with attitude problems. The role of a teacher is very similar to a manger as well.  He has to manage his students so that the courses are completed on time. If the class contains students who are not inclined towards studies, the teacher would face issues. Material management is also one of the classifications. People who need to check and organize the stock of raw materials fall in this category.

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Essay: Understanding the different forms of management
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