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The Boeing Company has been operating in the aviation industry as an industry leader since its inception in 1916. The Company is a major player in the aircraft manufacturing and spare parts producing industry for both commercial air crafts, jetliners as well as the military aircrafts. The company is based in Chicago Illinois and is listed as the largest exporter for the United States. The company however is very much internationalized now and operates in over 145 countries all across the world.

The company also employs over a 150,000 employees and workers in its different businesses and operations all across the world. The operation of the company however are not limited to the manufacture of aircrafts, the company has diversified its business to include manufacturing and management of communication technology, space exploration technologies as well as other support technologies to support the operations of its customers.

The business description of the company pertains to the manufacture of aircrafts well as spare parts for both the commercial as well as the defense segments. The commercial segment pertains to the manufacture of commercial jetliners as well as the technology and spare parts for them, while the defense segment is covered by the IDS segment of the company which manufactures spacecrafts, launch systems, space systems, satellites as well as military aircraft and the anti missile blocking systems etc

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Essay: Boeing Company
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