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However the management of the different components and the integration of the different systems highly important as it effects not only the performance of the aircraft but also directly influences the risks of air travel and accidents in air. Therefore the project management discipline with its specialization and focus to detail as well as the scheduling of the project against the cost and scope resulting in the quality of the aircraft is employed in the aviation based industry.

Moreover other management processes and disciplines do not provide clear identification of the different components of aircraft manufacture and the linkages to different systems and platforms that are required. “Establishing project status for large, complex projects is a key concern; particularly so in the aerospace industry where projects are about as complex as they get in modern industry. In practice, project “visibility” lies at the intersection of two disciplines, that of Project Management (PM) and Configuration Management (CM)” (Burgess, Byrnes & Kidd, 2002) Project management as a result is used in the aircraft industry for the development and the manufacture of the aircrafts. Moreover the specific delivery times put constraints on the manufacturing companies. The project management disciplines allow the companies to design a schedule for their operation on the product making it possible for them to deliver in time with keep their customers abreast to the progress of the manufacture and the development of the aircraft.

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Essay: Aircraft Industry Applying Project Management
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