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The paper sought to define and explore the function of project management as a subject as well as it applies to the aircraft industry. It was identified that the aircraft industry is entirely based on the principles of project management as the various different products of the companies operation in the industry are developed and maintained through project management. The specific company of Boeing was selected for this report and project management has been explored in terms of the 777 and the 787 model of the Boeing Company.

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities sand threats of the company have been highlighted and the specific problems and constraints that the company has faced pertaining to project management of the 777 and the 787 models have been provided. Through the analysis it has been determined that these problems pertained to electronic, technology, software and hydraulic system based which were brought about due to incomplete components and incorrect assembly and integration. The company sought to solve these problems specifically those pertaining to the 787 Dreamliner project by delaying the delivery and completion time of the project and not compromising on the quality of the end product.

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Essay: Analysis of Boeing’s Project
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