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Another trend that is seen related to CRM software is that business are using CR technology to establish links with their partners and suppliers and are using the CRM technology to store and analyze information about them “Brisbane, Calif.-based Intraspect Software Inc., for instance, has developed an Internet-based application that it calls a ‘collaborative business platform’ to help companies work together with people from outside the organization. Marketing agency Rapp Collins Worldwide uses the software to share e-mails, spreadsheets and other documents among its clients. ‘Most CRM apps are focused on transactions and tracking data,’ said Bob Schoettle, Intraspect’s VP-marketing. ‘We’re also providing people-to-people collaboration to speed products to market.’ (Chiem, 2001)

Aside from this the CRM technology present now lets the business be more strategic in their actions. The marketing tactics and advertising campaigns they develop are based on proactive actions which are deduced through extrapolation of information gathered and analyzed through the CRM technology. The proactive nature of the present CRM technology lets the business take advantage of the early mover and pioneer in the marketing, establishing a prominent position for itself amongst the competition.

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Essay: CRM Trend in Businesses
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