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The character who is given the task to identify what women want the most is the Knight in ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’. This Knight is one of the knights of King Arthur and is a lusty bachelor who steals the maidenhood of a maiden and pays for it by being given the task to discover what women want the most by the Queen. This character fits the clues as he is explicitly given the above mentioned task.

Wiglaf or Wicglaf is the character in the work of literature titled ‘Beowulf’ who is responsible for assisting the heroes, i.e., Beowulf in attacking and killing the dragon. He is one of the eleven warriors chosen by Beowulf for this task. However he is significant as he was the only one who was left unscarred or scared and remained by Beowulf to assist him in fighting the dragoon. He fits the clue very explicitly as he was the only person who was able to aid Beowulf in attacking the dragon.

Beowulf is the character form the work titled ‘Beowulf’ who could not be harmed by any sword. He was considered to be legendary fighter who has great courage having all the great social ideals. However he was after immorality through fame and as a result was deprived of the joy of it as he was envious of his fellows who were able to enjoy each others company, have fun and enjoy their lives. Beowulf is significant as he is the lead character of the piece of literature.

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Essay: Character analysis of Canterbury Tales
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