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Grendel is the troll who is the enemy of Beowulf. However it is his mother who is the ancestor of all trolls and monsters. This is the significance of the character of Grendels mother who has to be killed by Beowulf in order to destroy her lineage of evil. She is also responsible for creating the palimpsest of pagan and Christian tradition as mentioned in the work of literature titled ‘Beowulf’ The character which best suits the above mentioned clue of being poor but borrowing money and being in debt for financing the purchase of knowledge and books is the clerk from oxford in the work titled ‘Canterbury tales’.  He was a character whose name the poet could not recall, however he is remembered in the work as a wise man whop had abundance of knowledge and books as well as extensive debt. He is significant to the plot as he was one of the [people accompanying the author in his travels.

The character from Miller’s Tale who is severely scorched where he sat was Nicholas. He is a young student of astronomy who is quite young and befriends John the carpenter. However he falls in love with the old carpenter’s wife Alison. He ends up with a burnt bottom as a result of the trick played by Alison on both him and Absolon. He fits the clues as he burns his bottom in the story which is very much where he sat.

The Dragon in the work titled ‘Beowulf’ is the character whose treasure is stolen by men and who is heaved over a hill. The mentioned character the dragon is a fire breathing creature that is angry with the Geats as part of its treasure trove is stolen by a Geatish slave. He is significant as it ends up mortally injuring Beowulf the hero of the story. In the end of the story it is defeated by Beowulf and his assistant Wiglaf.

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Essay: Canterbury Tales and Beowulf Characters
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