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One of the biggest strengths of the Boeing Company pertains to the diversified business offerings that the company is involved in. Currently the company is operating in the fields of design, development as well as manufacturing, sale of jetliners while also providing support to commercial jet planes. Other types of aircrafts that are serviced by the company and re included in its product offering pertains to military aircraft, satellites, missile defense systems as well as space flight and space launch systems.

These different products that are provided by the Boeing Company come under the different divisions of the company. The IDS division is kept separate for the production and for provision of support to military aircrafts as well as space based satellites and systems while the commercial business segment is basically responsible for the management, production and the support of commercial aircrafts. The majority of the revenue however is generated by the IDS division for the Boeing Company. The commercial business segment however also contributes for about 48 percent of the company’s sales and revenue. The diversification in different segments by the company allows it to hedge risks of operating in the market.

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Essay: Boeing Project’s Strengths
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