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The main opportunities that are present to the company for future operation pertain to the increasing demand for commercial jetliners, the strong order backlog that the company is current facing and the rising spending by the US defense department.

The demand for the commercial jetliners in the market is increasing along with the increasing number of air based travelers. This is triggered largely due to the economic growth taking place and the increased travel to foreign locations by the travelers and the tourists. The largest increase in demand is being faced by the Asian region where the countries are facing rapid increase in growth for their economies. The western regions of the world are also depicting increased demand for commercial jetliners but this is mostly due to the replacement of old planes and the adoption of new and better technology. Aside from this the company is also facing a strong backlog of orders from both the commercial market as well as the defense segment. This backlog has considerably increased margin over the past few years at an average rate of 50 to 65 percent on an annual basis.

The US defense department has been significantly investing in itself and its infrastructure therefore increasing the defense spending budget for the country. This is beneficial for the company in the long run as the company operates in the defense market as well where the US government is one of its main customers. Moreover the acquisition of Aviall by the Boeing Company also presents an opportunity for the company to manufacture its own spare parts, components as well as maintenance of its plants and factories according to its specifications, therefore providing it significant competitive advantage in the market.

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Essay: Boeing Project’s Opportunities
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