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The Boeing Company name has become synonymous with the brand of 777 which is a long range American airliner with twin engines. The 777 model is recorded as the largest aircraft with twin jet engines and has the capacity to transport 280 to about 270 passengers. Currently the biggest customer of the 777model for the Boeing Company is the Singapore Airlines which has about 69 777 models currently in service.

The 777 model was the aircraft that provided the Boeing Company with its current position in the market and ousted the Airbus. This was largely due to the size, the efficiency as well as the performance of the aircraftman the preference of the customers in the market to the 777 model. The competitive aircrafts that were manufactured by Airbus against the 777 model pertain to the Airbus A330-300 and the A340. The Boeing 777 model has variants on the basis of its fuselage and the nautical miles. The company has divided the market into categories of A, B and C on the basis of the Nautical miles. The variants of the 777 model by Boeing include the 77-200 which was one of the Initial A market model, the 777-200ER which was built for longer range and had an increased gross weight, the 777-300 which was a replacement for the 777-100 and the 777-200s wand is competitive on the basis of fuel consumption. The longer range variations of the 777 model include the 777-200LRb which is a Worldlier and designed to carry a large number of people over an increased range of nautical miles. Other variations include the 777-300ER and the 777 Fighter which was launched in January 2006 (‘Boeing Launches 777 Fighter’, 2005) and became the first massive carrier in the defense industry.

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Essay: Boeing 777
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