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The concepts and the theoretical concept behind the research are grounded in the principles of microeconomics and the principles of marketing. The functions of demand and supply are at play here, with the marketing principles affecting the demand of the consumers. The Supply function is dependent on the capacity of the supplier to manufacture the goods or make them available to the final customers or consumers.

The cost of operations, availability of materials and human resource are amongst the elements that affect the dependent supply function. The Demand function is basically dependent on the willingness and the ability of the consumers to purchase a product. The other elements that affect the demand for a consumer pertain to the brand name, the image of the company, the image of the store, previous experiences, the price, product and service offering and competitor offering as well as environmental elements. The marketing principles pertaining to promotions, brand & image building, seasonal discounts and sales offers made by the retail businesses strongly impact the demand of the consumers during the Christmas season. As a result retail businesses tend to make most of their revenues during the winter/ Christmas period.

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Essay: Framework of Study on UK Retail Market
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