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The historical reasons for the construction of whiteness pertain to the black slavery that was present in the 18th century. The blacks were treated as slaves in the 18th centuryUnited States and as a result the whites who lived in the region were depicted as supreme authorities. They had wealth, power and control over the black slaves further enforcing the construction of whiteness as the positive and the black as the negative.

In the ensuring period there were laws against blacks However in 1863, the American Civil war took place and the Blacks were formally as free and no longer slaves of the people. However even after the issuance of the decree, the blacks had to face racism for the whites. As a result they were banned from certain theaters, historical and public places as well as for traveling on the public transport system. The theme of such legislature was carried foreword to 1968. The African civil rights movement took place in the period of 1958-1969. In this period the public school segregation of blacks and whites was banned, while the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The result of the oppression suffered by the blacks was that in the year 1964, the Civil rights act was passed which made the black people ofAmerica as truly equal citizens of the United States. They were depicted as African Americans instead of Negroes and Blacks from here on.

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Essay: Historical view on Racism
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