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The House of Fraser is amongst the top retailers inUKthat provides its customers with lifestyle products and services. The company primarily operates in a departmental store format like that of the Marks & Spencer. “House of Fraser, a privately owned subsidiary of Baugur Group, owns and operates department stores.

The company offers products that include women’s wear, menswear, children’s wear, health and beauty products, fashion accessories and home improvement products. It also provides various own label brands such as Linea, Howick and Therapy. The company primarily operates in the UK and Ireland. It is headquartered inLondon, the UK and employs about 6,500 people.” (‘Company Profile: House of Fraser Limited’, 2009)The brands that come under the House of Fraser label include Sticky Fingers, Elle Macpherson, as well as Jimmy Choo, FCUK and Diesel.

The main competitors of the company include Debenhams Plc, John Lewis partnership Plc and Marks & Spencer Plc. The House of Fraser has operations primarily in the United Kingdome only with its stores in Glasgow, Guildford, Surrey and Ireland.

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Essay: House of Fraser
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