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Retailers can also appeal to the customers by employing personalization strategies in their product and service offering. Packaging part of the product as per the marketing principles and the four Ps. Of marketing. During Christmas Marks & Spencer as well as House of Fraser customized their shopping bags and carryon as well as the gift wrapping service at their retailer stores by making them reflect the festivity of the Christmas occasion using the colours of White, Red and Green. The customization of the bags like this can also aid in marketing to other shoppers about the retail brand and its product/ service offering through recall.

Additionally the retailers can also customize the products and collections housed in their departmental stores before the Christmas season to reflect the festivity of the occasion and appeal to the customers by creating a demand for Christmas oriented products. Marks & Spencer used this strategy by launching a range of festive feasts and dishes in its food division that saw the highest growth in sales and the best performance amongst the business categories for the company.

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Essay: How to Attract Customers
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