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Aside from updating the image and the store ambiance the retailer has also taken steps to make the operation in the company efficient for higher revenues and profits. The company has significantly invested in technology to target effective planning and control for its stock in order to minimize wastage and excess expenses and generate streamlined revenues for higher profits.

“The department store group benefited from the greater visibility of its sales for the first time this year after beginning the implementation of new software in 2003. The Store Planning application from software supplier Smart VM is the final planning tool that House of Fraser has implemented in an overhaul of its merchandising systems. The retailer has integrated its planning, replenishment, assortment and space planning tools into one system called Merchandise Planner” (Hadfield, 2006). The software has also been able to increase the gross margins for the company by linking the shelf space with planning of the procurement and the supply chain management system to increase efficiency.

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Essay: Image Building by House of Fraser
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