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Kant employed rationality when describing ultimate good. The good and bad that are depicted by Kant’s ethics are dependent on how they conform to reasons. “Kant says that we determine internally what is wrong or right. Through autonomy (self law), you use yourself as a guide. The individual determines her/his own behavior, rather than someone else dictating how you are supposed to behave or act.”

(Macarelli, 2006) Kantianism also provides that the common sense views of the person are normally rational in nature in terms of identifying the good and the bad. However Kant also stated in his theory that any action that does not comply with the comparative imperative and the common sense is irrational in nature. The main formulation role of Kantianism is that one should act only according to the moral rules of the society which can be universalized. Aside from this the person should also strive to always treat themselves as well as others as the end itself and not as a means o an end.

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Essay: Kant’s Theory
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