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Aside from launching advertising and marketing campaigns aimed to target the audience and the consumers with celebrity appeal, the Marks & Spencer Company has also employed strategic management of its marketing campaigns and use of specific timing to attract customers for increasing sales in store. The company often launches its TV based Christmas advertisements long before the start of the Christmas period in order to instil the name of Marks & Spencer as a destination store for Christmas. “Early advertising can pay off if it means the retailer is seen as a Christmas destination store, according to Nick Gladding, senior analyst at Verdict Research.”(Barnes, 2004)

Marks & Spencer along with other retailers in the market has made use of specialized pricing, and discounted deals during the Christmas season to boost its sales. Consumers also highly anticipate the Christmas season sales when products in the retail stores are significantly market down due to increased competition and limited time for making most of the sales. “Consumers are leaving their shopping as late as possible to get a bargain. Mintel has already dubbed 20 December 2004 as ‘Black Monday’, the date by which most discounting will have to be started. For retailers, this means the battle for Christmas shoppers’ wallets is set to go right to the wire.” (Barnes, 2004)

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Essay: Marketing Campaigns by Marks & Spencer
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