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The departmental store by the name of House of Fraser also posted that sales of the retailer decreased in the holiday season period of Christmas and New Years of 2009. House of Fraser reported “that like-for-like sales fell 1.5% during the Christmas period amid difficult retail conditions in theUK.” (‘UK: House of Fraser reports 1.5% sales dip over Christmas’, 2009)

However despite the slump in sales caused by the unappealing and detrimental market conditions as well as in the presence of the recession the company reported that their total sales [performance for the 5 weeks leading to the first weak of January was very positive with an increase of 4.5 percent over 2007’s performance. Similarly the gross profit for the company also increased which has been attributed to the aggressive marketing strategy employed. Additionally the stock turnover and the management of the stock at the company using up to date technology and innovations has led the company to experience efficiency in reduced inventories by 10 percent. “The 2008 calendar year has seen store openings, a refurbishment programme and a major Head Office move at House of Fraser. The Company said that the outlook for 2009 was challenging and that it anticipated changes to its brand portfolio, with underperforming brands to leave the business and new brands to be introduced during the year.” (‘UK: House of Fraser reports 1.5% sales dip over Christmas’, 2009)

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Essay: House of Fraser Christmas & Sales Performance
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