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The highpoint of the year for the majority of the fashion boutiques, departmental stores and retailers in theUnited Kingdom is the Christmas period when they see sales levels that are double or triple their average sales levels. The main reason for the high level of sales during the Christmas period is due to the increased demand for the products and services and the matching of the demand by the supply at the end of the retailers. Christmas is a time when most consumers in market tend to purchase items and gifts for their colleagues, peers, friends and family members. The retailers during the Christmas season also tend to increase the demand for their products and services by launching marketing campaigns and increasing the demand for their products and services.

The retailers strive to influence the dependent demand function by increasing the consumption in the market. The main tool that is used by the retail businesses to influence the demand include the four Ps of marketing that have been highlighted earlier. The retailers can use the above mentioned strategies for increasing their sales. The Christmas season offers the retailers an option of increasing their business in volume multiple for as compared to the rest of the months in theUKas the consumers are more willing to spend and consume then average. Moreover the festive season also brings about the perks of sharing gifts with each other that has long been targeted by the retailers. However in order to effectively manage the sales of the company in tough market conditions and uncertain consumer spending period the above mentioned recommendations can be use for retail businesses in the UK.

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Essay: Marketing Promotions during Christmas
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