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Marks & Spencer is a well known retailer in theUKthat provides its customers with a wide range of products n the categories of home, lifestyle food and merchandise products. “Marks and Spencer Group (M&S) is a leading retailer of clothing, foods and home ware in the UK. The company operates in about 41 countries worldwide with UK as its primary market. It is headquartered inLondon,UKand employs about 75,000 people.” (‘Company Portfolio: Marks & Spencer Group Plc’, 2008)

The company has a business structure based on the geographic presence of the company in the worlds. However the UK based operations are categorized as per the business functions that take the form of food and general merchandise. The food division at Marks & Spencers provides grocery based as well as cooked and packaged food / edible items to the consumers.

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Essay: Marks & Spencer
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