It is a world of computers and technology these days. Where ever you go and whatever you do involves technology in one way or the other. The internet has made everyone’s life so easy that a person can do so much with just a click of the mouse. Writing a capstone project on computers should not be a very daunting task as the field of computers is vast and provides so many options ranging from software design to the architecture of the computers.

The race to become the fastest computer technology and machines capable of storing huge amounts of data is always in the news. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful ideas as to write capstone projects on computers. Below are some very useful ideas discussed for your help.

History of Computers

You can write a capstone project on the history of computers. How computers evolved to the point where we see them today. Who invented this amazing machine and what was its purpose in its infancy. What importance did computers have at that time and how important they have become for people living in the present society? What will our world be like without computers and mobile technology? Will human beings survive without computers? You can discuss about the evolution of mainframe and supercomputers. The importance of programming languages to design software. The importance of operating systems and how they helped computers function better and become more user friendly for an ordinary user.

History of the Internet

You can write a capstone project on the history of the internet. How the internet evolved and what importance it has in the present society? You can write about the social media websites and how important they have become presently. Imagine a world without the internet, what will happen if we are struck with a massive solar flare affecting everything including the internet. Will we be able to survive in such a scenario?

It can be real fun exploring all these things when writing a capstone project on computers. All you need to do is to find an interesting topic and get all the work done.

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Writing Capstone Projects on Computers
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