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The trend for the sales performance for Marks & Spencers during the Christmas period is t have higher than average sales levels that provide a considerable increase in the profit levels of the company. The retailer also however tends to increase the demand of its products and services further by using promotional activities and advertisements that seek to encourage consumers to purchase more during Christmas.

Marks & Spencer gets the highest recall rates for its ads in the UK. In the Christmas season the company often uses 30 second ads to market its food segment specially targeting the consumers for Christmas purchases. The company sells ready made feast items for Christmas to the consumers during the season. While other retailers marketed their services by hiring celebrities to endorse their products and provide recipes and tips to the consumers the Marks & Spencer focused on providing their customers with customized and readymade feast items. “Sainsbury’s having Jamie Oliver telling me about new things to cook and how to do it, but it’s something completely different when someone has gone to all the trouble of doing it for me. Not since the 60s, I reckon, have so many households sat down at the same time to devour the same thing. While Bisto, at number nine on the list, is telling us all to sit down and eat together, M&S is simply showing us why we should. (Beverley, 2005)

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Essay: Marks & Spencers during Christmas
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