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In previous Christmas seasons the company has also made use of celebrity endorsement and marketing power to market their products. In 2005 when Boots was providing special offers with 3 for 2 deals, ad C-op was promoting sale of spirits at highly discounted prices,” Marks & Spencer Group PLC, however, took a different tack with 40 seconds of slick, celeb-filled festive brand-building.” (Colin, 2005)

In 2007 the Marks & Spencer Company made use of branding with a theme of festivities to promote its Marks & Spencer brand and to encourage consumer spending. The company joked forced with the popular band Take That to promote their music in their shops as well as increase foot traffic and therefore sales in their stores. The company chose to sell the signed and autographed albums of the band at its selective stores in UK during the Christmas season (Clark, 2007). Aside from this the company also used co-branding and associations along with celerity based advertisements and promotions to advertise its men’s clothing range. These advertisements starred the likes of Howard MacDonald, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen wearing its signature suits. “The deal, negotiated with Universal Music, followed the launch of the ad, which saw the band become the latest faces of M&S’ Autograph menswear range.”(Clark, 2007)

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Essay: Marks & Spencer Company
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