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The Marks & Spencer retailer made use of celebrity based advertising again in 2002 when the company hosted a group of celebrities including Joan Collins David Beckham to star in its Magic and Sparkle themed Christmas campaign that featured on the Christmas gifts and histing ideas available in its stores and outlets. “The 40-second commercial opens on a miniaturised Denise Van Outen dressed as a Christmas fairy, perched on a present and swinging her wand.

She asks: “What makes Christmas magic? Hands up!” Several humorous vignettes follow, also featuring celebrities including Graham Norton, Cat Deeley and Sean Bean, with each scene showcasing the store’s clothing, gift and food products.JudeBridge, M&S’s head of external marketing, said of “magic & sparkle” — which was first introduced last year: “It has real customer resonance, achieving a very high level of awareness, and is now fully established as an M&S property.”” (Watts, 2002) In other years the company has also made use of celebrities to make pantomime ads like ‘Once Upon a Christmas’ (Gardner, 2005) and hire celebrities the like of Emma Bunton and Will Young in its Christmas Campaigns

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Essay: Marks & Spencer retailer
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