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As a result of the establishment of the racial differences in the society, conflicts and debate arose on the fairness and the long term feasibility of the white people domination. Civil rights movements pertaining against racial discrimination broke out the first of which took place in the  1950s and 1960s  which fought for the rights of African Americans and focused on abolishing racism and making way for a harmonious and racism free society. This contributed largely to the decolonization of the colonies of the United States and theUnited Kingdom in Asia and Africa as well as their own policies for colored people in their home countries.

The civil rights movement specific to the blacks was initiated in the 1950s while the one for American Indians and Chicanos was started around the 1970s. However the concept of white power and racism has somehow become embedded in the minds of the people. In areas all around the world people of different races are automatically prejudiced to the Blacks. The black population still gets the second rate status despite the fact that they are considered as equal in status and as position holders by law. However this racial construction is evident in the cultural and societal depiction of the black population in movies and the TV media as well as in literature where the black man is usually shown as the bad guy or someone who is dangerous.

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Essay: Media Spreading Racism
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