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Customers are usually aware of the main product categories that are held by the retailers. However during the holiday period like Christmas, retailers tend to fill special orders and customize their products and service offerings according to the occasion. These changed product and services need to be informed to the customers. House of Fraser employed a mail order service; online advertising as well as catalogue based advertising to provide the customers with a profile of their limited time based products and services for Christmas which included Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, festive food as well as Christmas trees.

The strategy was successful in attracting sales for the retailer through the online shopping portal, the catalogue as well as through in-store business at the various stores of the retailer. Marks & Spencer also highly customized the products and services especially in the food segment of its business for the Christmas occasion. This led to increase in the sales of the food business during the Christmas season while all other business segments saw falling sales levels in 2008. All retailers during the Christmas season adopted in-store refurbishing for the Christmas period in some form or the other. Aside from this they also invested in attracting the customers though customized festive shopper bags and carryon bags that highlighted the impending Christmas occasion and the Holiday season.

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Essay: Opportunity for Retailers in Christmas
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