The dissertation provides that the demand is the basis for the increase in sales for any product and service. The demand for any product or service is derived from different elements and functions that are external as well as internal to a company. The external elements of demand pertain to customer preferences, consumption confidence, loyalty, market conditions and the customer perceptions.

The internal elements that influence demand and that can be controlled by the retail businesses include price, quality and the image/ perception of the retailer in the minds of the consumers. The retailers as a result tend to influence the controllable elements of the demand function to generate higher level of sales for the company through repeat purchase and increased volume of sales. The desertion has revealed that it is highly possible to influence demand of the customers by changing the marketing strategy, employing re-branding techniques, increasing the investment in technological innovations as well as employing store management strategies that focus on enhancing the ambiance of the store according to the demands of the customers.

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Overview of dissertation on Retail Market
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