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Kantianism is a philosophy proposed by a German Philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kantianism is basically is a contemporary method for identifying and describing the philosophy of mind, epistemology and ethics. The moral theory of Kantianism is still affluent in the society. Kantianism makes use of an imperative to make the moral decision similar to the scientific decision so that they can objectively be analyzed for reason.

The ethics in Kantianism are deontological in nature which is based on the duty of the person, instead of the emotional feelings and the goals. The theory states that all actions that are performed are done so according to a preexistent maxim or principle. This principle is used to judge the moral worth and of the action. This is the categorical imperative which is employed in accessing the morality of things and determining the reasoning behind the actions. The test of the categorical imperative states that the individual as to be able to universalize the maxim and then perform the maxim in the world. If this is possible then the action is said to be ethical and moral. If not then it is considered to be immoral in nature. “Doing the right thing for the right reason is a very important issue to a Kantian. Kantian morality is not consequential, which means that actions are based on the motive/will of the person, and not on the consequences that come from the behavior. For Kant, there is only one reason to do the right thing, and that is just because it is right!” (Macarelli, 2006)

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Essay: Philosophical View of Kantianism
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