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The common pricing and sales strategy that has been observed at the Marks & Spencer has been to provide their customers with low levelled discounts and limited deals n the early period before Christmas while the focus is still on premium based pricing. “The retailer attributed the 3.8 percent increase in sales to Pre-Christmas shopping. It turned out that the company’s decision to not to offer discounts was effective. Company CEO Stuart Rose asserted that the figures have been very impressive but expects the market to be challenging” (‘Home rise at M&S’, 2006).

However as Christmas draws nearer, the retailer goes into heavy discounting that can range up to 20% to 40% off on Christmas themed products while others can carry much higher discounts. The last minute sales in Christmas that are offered by the company are the most massive of them all though. “”M&S has been introducing sales at the last minute. Chief executive Stuart Rose personally ordered a second one-day sale last week after studying trading figures. An M&S spokeswoman claims the decision was made because its first sale day, in November, was so successful. ‘Customers have come to expect this kind of activity in the run-up to Christmas,’ she argues” (Jardine, 2004). Such gradual sales and levelled pricing strategies have helped the retailer in 2008 “Marks & Spencer went into its post Christmas sale with 15 percent less stock than last year, according to chairman Sir Stuart Rose.” (‘Stock control key to merry Christmas’, 2009)

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Essay: Pricing by Marks & Spencer
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