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In the Asian region as well the whiteness factor of the skins is indirectly associated with the wealth and the status of the person, despite the facts that all people in the society are provided equal status. This has lead to biases and prejudices in terms of employee selection as well as representation etc.

Culture is composed of social interactions and the beliefs of the people of a region as a whole. It is the way in which people live their life. Most historic cultures have shown that the culture of white supremacy was dominant in almost all of them. The deep rooted sentiments of the whiteness factor as well as the personal believes of the society regarding whiteness have enabled the culture of whiteness to be transcended into the future generations. White supremacy is the esteem an, wealth and power associated status assigned to the Whites over the colored population of the world. Despite the fact that racism has been abolished, we do have to agree that it still exists in many forms all around the world. The social and historical construction of whiteness is evident though the events in history pertaining to the rule of the whites over other races and the treatment of the Black and the Native Americans at the hand of the White. The social constructs of status, wealth, culture and influence as they exist today are very closely derived form the historical relations of the whites with other races.

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Essay: Racism in Asian region
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