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The study undertaken has revealed that it is very much possible for the retailers in the industry to influence the demand of their target markets through various brand building, image building, and sales based, discounting and marketing promotions as depicted in the Christmas season. The following depict the various recommendation that have been assembled by the researcher that can aid retail businesses in increasing their sales while also increasing profitability for the business through volume sales and higher margins on products and services sold.

  • Changing the image of the brand or re-branding can effectively increase the demand for the products and services of the retailer. Re-branding makes use of re-positioning the retailer in the market with a new strategy. This re-enforces the image the company wants to maintain and present in the market while providing a new product and service offering to the customers. The re-branding of the House of Fraser under the Baugur Group has revealed that a conflicting retailer can also become a successful business with a clear vision and established image in the market.

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Essay: Recommendations for Retail Business
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