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Businesses have been seen to have a vested interest in the curbing the steps leading to environmental action. One is the obvious rise in costs. Another is the basic survival of the industry itself. As happened with General Motor’s EV1 electric car. Its rapid adaptation was hampered by lobbying from oil companies and also to some extent, Middle Eastern politics (Progue). There was a fear that it would burgeon a trend that would lead to a fall in demand for oil (Johnson).

As such, the lobbying of businesses against the environmental protection efforts should be stopped. There is a need to direct policy making that is not overly influenced by businesses but seeks to cut their losses as well so industry does not take a rapid hit, as is the fear in theUnited Statesbusiness community. Governments could help in this regard through the use of tax breaks and tax holidays for those companies that choose to comply with green house gas emission reduction. Another innovative technique brought into play is the granting of vouchers for extraction of gases.

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Essay: Businesses Role in Green house effects
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