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What the figures inherently show is that the Centrica share price and the FTSE Global Energy Sector Index do not always go completely in line with the FTSE 100 index and there are also marked differences in some case as the index appears to be falling while the share price rising and vice versa. This hints to the price movements not following a pattern but being closer to a random walk, thus supporting the efficient market hypothesis to a great extent.

The earnings per share for British Petroleum five years ago used to be in the area of 33.9p. This was relatively moderate for the time, not having been significantly hit by the impact of the volatility in the energy sector. It rose to a high in the mid of 2006 which was followed by a sharp decline before the company was able to post a sudden decline to -3.8p in mid 2007.

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Essay: Centrica Deatails
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