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One significant change has been economizing through the use of newly brought out “calculator” tools (Dubaireal estate companies diversify to meet market needs). This has been directed towards allowing shy buyers to determine the affordability of purchases they may want to make. One of these is a mortgage calculator set up by Landmark Properties which allows families wishing to buy a house to get an estimate of the installments they will have to pay. This encourages them to purchase what is within their limit and not shy away from Real Estate completely.

Another calculator in this line allows customers to put in figures and judge whether it is more affordable for them to continue living on rent or purchase their own house. Furthermore as sales volumes have declined on account of the crisis, leasing has taken up increased importance in the current landscape. Companies have been quick to form partnerships with banks to allow them to take advantage of the situation. Valuation and advisory services have also been burgeoning in the Real Estate sector which is more common in mature markets like in theUnited Kingdom. Thus the market isDubaiseems to be taking more of a durable position after the volatile nature in the crisis days (Dubaireal estate companies diversify to meet market needs).

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Essay: Change in Dubai Real Estate
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