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The inferior perception that Hagar has built for Lottie is both a harbor and a shield of her pride. She perceives Lottie to be of inferior standing and harbors herself to her pride. She shields her resentment towards not having what she has, towards her ‘fine hair’ whereas Hagar’s own hair was ‘dark’ in her pride once again. She decides that to hate Lottie would be easier than to appreciate her beauty.

Hagar’s pride shifts into jealousy when Hagar’s marriage is far less of a success than Lottie’s own. Hagar has married Bram Shipley, a man who has a good head for business but is lazy and is a laughingstock because of his outrageous schemes and plans which never seem to take practical shape. He is oblivious of love or affection for his wife yet despairs when his favorite horse dies. Lottie on the other hand, marries Telford Simmons who is stammers. However he grows to be a bank manager and later into the mayor of Manawaka.

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Essay: Character of Hagar in THE STONE ANGEL
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