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The Chinese embassy even reported in 2007 that “It’s pure incitement to proclaim ‘Chinese apartheid’ in reference to migrant labor being kept out of the cities.” These individual cases aside, the bulk of Chinese response towards its strict policies is based on what are described as “Asian values”. The logic here is that to create a society that is prosperous and can live in harmony, the greater good needs to be considered over the good of the few. If the whole nation can benefit because of sustained growth, it is good for all and to enforce such harmony and peace and stability, the Government must play an active role in terms of enforcing laws and curbing the steps of the few to benefit the whole.

It further points to the situation in many Western countries which is described as incorporating increasing crime rates, family breakdown, industrial action and deterioration of society which are also indicators of human rights. As such, without government control and enforcement, such deterioration is inevitable and henceChinais only doing the best for itself by maintaining its own policies which benefit the whole. Thus the Chinese authorities believe the stern steps they take as a paternalistic figure benefit the nation as a whole.

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Essay: ‘Chinese apartheid
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