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The other very popular case of discrimination and one involving a lot of controversy has been sexual discrimination. Burlington Coat factory got sued by a transgender woman she filed a complaint with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing in June 2007. San Francisco saw particular agitation with regards to gay rights with the enactment of proposition 8 which is seen as discriminating against them by not allowing their marriages to be accepted.

However, the lawsuits and the amount of agitation brought against elements of the public administration and companies is an indicator of the strong presence of resistance to this form of discrimination. It can be described as one of the most defended ones in the city which is even known in other states for its comparatively liberal stance on the issue. As the columnist in one newspaper reports with regards to this proposition that discrimination in any form is not something acceptable. “When you tell someone they can’t do something based on their color of skin, their gender or their sexual preference, that is when this country stops being the land of the free and turns into the home of the intolerant.” (Rascher)

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Essay: Cases of discrimination
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