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The central characters are the Greeks Agamemnon and Achilles and the Trojans Paris and Hector. Within the story there are big plots conjured, numerous fights over honor and glory and the signs of eventual victory for the Greeks (ClassicsTechnologyCenter).

The Odyssey is a sequel to the Iliad and builds on the events of the Trojan War described in the first poem.

It centers on one of the heroes of the war Odysseus and his long and winding journey home after the Trojan War ended. The story flows that as Odysseus is on his way back, it is considered in theislandofIthacato which he belongs that he is dead. Thus his wife is being pressured by “the suitors” to take one of them in hand because her husband will never return. All this while Odysseus is at sea facing perils along the way, fighting various demons and creatures in his quest to get toIthaca. The story brings into it elements from the Iliad as Odysseus is known as a hero of the Trojan War and is recognized for it and his role in the use of the Trojan horse technique (Classics Technology Center).

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Essay: Characters of Greeks Agamemnon and Achilles
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