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I find mornings to be the most monotonous part of the day. The act of awakening from sleep never seems to be a task I look forward to, when sleeping at night or going about the said task, every morning. The order and number of assigned tasks to go about after waking up add to the monotony, every morning. Thus the beginning of my day, defines the basis of the entire days activity, a never ending cycle of pre determined activities, set number of errands and repetition, every day.

The present has always been a stable concept for me. Even thought the world itself changes daily, life is given and death transforms lives my life in the present is a stagnant sea, moving ever so slowly with the momentous change of the tides of maturity.

With each passing day the significance of the present is numbed and although the unpredictable, unaccounted for volatility adds a level of humanity to the equation and makes me feel differentiated and alive, these moments are few and far off. But the merging of various exploratory revelations, social behaviors, increased responsibility and the standard setup of the society around me has improved my feeling of connectedness with the present (Nyklaaek 2011).

Through the erratic stage of childhood I believe I was not forced to make decisions, or accept responsibility for my actions. But as I develop the world forces me to learn from  past mistakes, be restricted by the burdens of responsibility and follow a predetermined path charted by society (Arnett 2000). The developing ideas of even the most basic ideals I hold dear, love, passion and art are all just that, developing.

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Essay: A day in today’s life
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