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The main question is how the strategic fit is achieved in make/buy decisions? The strategic fit lies in the value chain where product development, marketing, operations, distribution and service play a very important role (Chopra, Meindl: 39). Zara’s strategic fit starts with its consumer demand which is so consistent with the way Zara respond to those rapidly changing needs and preferences of its customers.

It is driven by the changing trends and demand for modern clothing which is traditionally shaped by trade fairs, fashion shows, fabric events and seasonal changes. The aim of supply chain is to build consistency across consumer markets and the company’s supply chain management starting from customer priorities to competitive edge (Chopra, Meindl: 41). For instance, Zara uses vertically integrated supply chain which makes response to consumers easy and efficient. Zara achieves its strategic fit by sustaining high responsiveness to customer needs and preferences such as catwalk trends (Barnes, Greenwood 2006). In the same article the importance of fast fashion is given more consideration as a driver of supply chain on its own. The value chain in such a volatile industry is hard to define, where every unit of supply chain plays a key role in the identification of right value for the customer. It includes buyers, manufacturers, agents, logistic specialists, retailers, retail and fashion consultants, designers, merchandisers and quality controllers.

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Essay: Achieving Strategic Fit in Make-Buy Decisions
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